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Voet Sec Fly Repelent
Fly season……. Use Voet-Sect!
Cost effective and longer lasting……Repels flies, fleas, ticks, cockroaches and all other unwanted insects. Fully bio-degradable and harmless against the environment.
Available in 250ml, 1L, 5L and 20L as well as Canega Omega 3&6 Oil 5L.
Application varies depending on the level of infestation, however the product retails on average at a cost of 35% less than the cost of traditional insecticides and repellents.
The fact that the product lasts longer than traditionally used sprays increases the saving even further.
Application of the product is done in the following manner:
Animal Use
A specially sourced high quality spray bottle with a variable spray nozzle is used to evenly spray a very thin layer of the product onto the animal.
Applied in accordance with directions provided 1,5Lt of the product will last a month spraying the animal twice a day. It is important to note that overdosing might lead to irritation,
we therefore stress that application should be done in a manner where less is more effective.
Product Efficacy
The efficacy of the product produces significant savings as it is active for longer than traditionally used products. Being of food grade quality it is harmless to humans and animals and can therefore be applied both on the person and in the environment.
Ethanol is currently used as a base for the coconut oil that has been enhanced with a catalyst consisting of other natural ingredients. In addition to this the product has been beneficiate to include a moisturiser and highly concentrated orange oil that acts as both an additional repellent and produces a very pleasant smell.
Extensive application in the horse fraternity has proven the effectiveness of VoetSect! over and over again.
This has been achieved by spraying horse stables and other farming areas where the presence of the pests was diminished immediately whilst applying the spray.
In excess of 8000 Lites of the product has been used in this process.
VOET-SECTI)HOOD-GRADE ECO FRIENDLY Background Pesticides inevitably are hazardous to humans animals and the environment.
This is due to the fact that most insecticide products contain DEET a highly effective poison developed during the 1950’s.
With the advent of the Green Economy innovation has transformed the manner in which we look at new products and services in a far more critical manner.
The fact that Mozambique has completely banned the use of DEET leads us to believe it will only be a matter of time before the South African Government follows suit in this regard.
In line with this movement Creative Green Clean developed an insect repellent based on natural biodegradable base oils that repels Fly’s, fleas, Ticks Cockroaches and all other unwanted insects.
The aim was to create a product that was not only more cost effective than current repellents but also lasts longer to affect as many benefits as possible for the user.


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