JPX Gel Pepper Weapon


JPX Gel Pepper Weapon
JPX Jet Protector R3990 Over the years, there have been some experiences with animals:
• French police, use against fighting dogs which are owned by drug dealers. o Positive feedback, charging dogs are diverted by hits on head/snout and unable to continue charge.
• Use by US police officer against charging wild hog o Successful, hog was hit onto the snout and bored full force into the ground.
• Use by US ranger against moose o Successful, moose ran away.
• Use by an hiker in the USA against bear o Successful, bear disappeared „howling and growling“ into the woods.
• Use by an elderly gentleman hiker in the US against aggressive mountain lion. o Successful, lion was incapacitated and short shortly thereafter by a ranger that had been called to the place.
Two shot pepper gel gun… shoots the gel at 700km per hour.. its a very High rated pepper… we had one that went off in the warehouse and we had to evacuate for 2 hours even after that we still felt the effects of the pepper… replacement cartridges cost R595 Replacement Cartridges 2 off
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