Paraffin Generator for LED




Paraffin Generator for LED ideal for camping and hunting.

Directions of use:

Keep iHarvey topped up. 1l will last for 29 hours of continuous use.
Wind up the wick in a clockwise direction.
Insert lighter and ignite the wick.
Wait around 30seconds for shooting to stop.
Once flame has reached flame splitter,the power generating head can be plugged in.
Plug power generating head into tank base & place head onto chimney.
If lamp haven’t been plugged in, plug in the LED Lamps.
The amber light should appear after the fan starts up.
The unit is now producing power.
Once the green and blue light appear, enough power is being generated to now plug in a USB device.
When you want to turn the iHarvey off, simply remove the power generator head and wind the wick back in a anti-clockwise direction till flame goes out.
Be careful not to wind wick back too far, as it may drop into the tank.


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