The Ultimate Blood kit




The Ultimate Blood™️ Kit is the most realistic and versatile liquid blood system available anywhere. It perfectly simulates human blood in how it looks and flows. Ultimate Blood™️ is ideal for creating special effects, medical training and simulation, moulage or any project in need of highest quality theatrical stage blood. Ultimate Blood™️ was tested and passed for skin sensitivity. Ultimate Blood, Ultimate Control – Make it Thicker, Make it Thinner & Change Color. You can change the viscosity of Ultimate Blood™️ on the fly. Change color quickly with color additives. Features Quickly make Ultimate Blood®️ darker, lighter, more red, less red, etc. using supplied colors. Quickly thicken or thin (a little or a lot) based on what you need and change again as needed. Viscosity can range from a very thick gel to very thin. Thin enough to be sprayed (or flowed) without changing color. A single batch can be thickened and thinned multiple times. Ultimate Blood®️ wets out over skin, silicone and other surfaces without be


The Ultimate Zombie Kit™️ includes everything you need to create multiple zombie makeups directly on the skin fast! Ideal for Halloween, Zombie Walks, theatrical and movie make-up applications and more! This kit contains all the supplies needed to make simulated trauma scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections, and other skin FX. Skin Tite®️ silicone can be applied directly to the skin. Cured Skin Tite®️ is strong and will bend and flex with natural body movements. The included step-by-step DVD instructions will guide you through the process.


The Ultimate Zombie Kit includes:

Skin Tite®️ Silicone
Thi-Vex®️ Thickening Agent
Silc Pig®️ Pigment
Rubber Glass®️
Mixing Sticks & Cups
Step-By-Step How-To Guide
Fake Teeth
Makeup Palette
The included step-by-step DVD instructions will guide you through the process.


Skin Tite™️ – 226g
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Skin Tite™️ is a skin safe silicone used to create fast wounds, scars and to adhere silicone appliances directly to the skin. It can be sculpted “on the fly”, offers maximum control and stays precisely where you put it. Skin Tite™️ will adhere to the skin and perfectly conforms to all contours. Cured rubber is strong and will flex with body movement. Wounds and appliances will not come off until you remove them. Material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.


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