Remote control solar alarm




Remote control solar alarm
Recommended installation Height would be any height between 1.8m and 4m. The device is ideal for gardens around town houses, houses and so much more! The device has 4 settings: 1. (on Remote A) Day and Night Mode with Siren and Flashing Red Light 2. (on Remote B) Day and Night Mode with Flashing Red Light 3. (on Remote C) Night Mode with Siren and Flashing Red Light 4. (on Remote D) Night Mode with Flashing Red Light 5. Mode 5 (press any key for 5 seconds on the remote) this will switch the device off and press any button to power on the device. Technical Specifications and features Coverage area at 125 degree angle up to 8m Solar Panel : 5V*120mah polysilicon solar panel LED: 8 LED’s red flashing Charge modes: Via Solar or DC Charge at 5V less than 1A Battery standby no charge 5 days plus Battery Type 18650 3.7v*1200mah lithium-ion replaceable Siren Sound tested up to 110db Remote distance tested to 20m RF frequency available on request IP65 (Water and dust resistant) Siren sounds for 45 seconds on trigger Pets will activate device 6 Months Warranty What is in the box? 1 x USB Cable for Charging 2 x Screws with wall plugs 1 x Remote Control 1 x Solar Alarm 1 x Instruction Manual


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