Pava Grenade



*Pepper stun grenade pricing*

R525 per grenade

Pepper pava 50 g IED = R525

Each unit is manufactured under stringent controls IED ( Imp revised Explosive Device)
The unit is detonated with a switch /click and Time delay is 7 seconds or can be made for 5 second delay
The objective is to disperse PAVA Pepper Powder.
The units each contain 50 g per canister and is Extremely Effective.
Ideal for Crown control / Clearing of Building / Dispersing of unlawful Gatherings on Land or Attempted Land Grabs..

No Licence is required!!!!.

potentsy powder that will permiate the air after detonated
The pepper is not lethal but will ensure the attacker or assalinant is imobelised

The unit works on a press buttonand 7 seconds later will deternate or 5 seconds

Shelf Life 24 Months .

This product is conciderd Dangerous and should only be used by Adults and Responsible personal

The company selling of these products and others will not be held Liable if the product is not used as per instructions

Shelf life 24 months


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