4×4 Mud Crawler




4×4 Mud Crawler
Mud Crawler Useful Information The Mud Crawler helps to get you out in three ways 1. When you are stuck in clay type mud, your wheel spins a hole in the mud the same dimensions of your wheel. This hole creates a vacuum that tends to hold your vehicle down thus preventing you to escape. What the Mud Crawler does is draw an air (or water) pocket behind it thus freeing your vehicle from that vacuum. The Mud Crawler also changes the dimensions of the hole, enlarging it and freeing your wheels up. 2. The Mud Crawler also has the effect of slightly rocking the vehicle shifting the weight from wheel to wheel, also helping to get your vehicle out. 3. The Mud Crawler acts like an olden day steam ship paddle that slowly digs your vehicle out. The Mud Crawler will assist you on any surface. On sandy surfaces such as the beach, your tyres need to be slightly deflated let’s say about 0.8 bar, but this pressure would depend on the weight of the vehicle and the dimensions of the tyre. Attach the Mud Crawlers to the drive wheels in extreme circumstances attach a Mud Crawler to all four drive wheels. When fitting try to install all the Mud Crawlers on the top of each wheel with the Mud Crawler tread facing the direction you wish to travel, the buckle on the outside, and all diff locks on, therefore all Mud Crawlers work together. On most occasions for best results the slower the wheels turn the better, every wheel rotation might only move the vehicle a few millimetres but a few millimetres plus a few millimetres will eventually get you out. The Mud Crawler is also small and easy to store in your vehicle and works a treat when needed. The Mud Crawler also does not get lost whilst in use it stays attached to your vehicle. If faced with a challenging obstacle the Mud Crawlers can be fitted to the wheels before entering the obstacle. If Mud Crawlers are fitted to the front wheels please be careful of turning sharp corners as wheel-mudguard clearance reduces the sharper the corner. Please also do not fit Mud Crawler’s strap over the wheel valve as this could damage the valve. For any questions, comments etc. please feel free to contact


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